A Life Story to be treasured

As a journalist I know how to help you write your life story or write it for you. The era that you have lived through cannot be lost to future generations. Memories need to be treasured and a well-documented story is important to those who follow.


To get started I’m excited to get to know you and it would be a real privilege for me to create your own story to put on paper. In some cases, a couple’s story is a fabulous book to have with some of the magic moments you’ve shared over the years. It would be fun to share this project together.

Each story is unique so when we go ahead, I’d be asking questions pertinent to you to create chapters in the book.


You may wish to begin with your family history so chapters would commence with something like –


  • Mum Dad and family
  • Happy childhood days
  • Oh, those teenage years

If sport was your passion –

  • Finding – netball/footy/athletics/swimming/rugby etc
  • Career highlights

If Family was your focus

  • My spouse, my kids – my world
  • What made us tick as a family

If a business career consumed you

  • The fun of those University years
  • I got that degree, now what?

I like to write about your passion so the narrative is never dull. You can choose how many words in your book; you may want just a synopsis of your life or more of a in depth story.  

Act now, contact me and I will send an information sheet of my charges and if everything is in order, we can get started


If this idea appeals to you and you have any questions please submit your details and I will make contact with you to discuss the next step.