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Suddenly you are faced with a loved one passing away. The shock is indescribable. The world stands still and you are frozen in time. From that moment, one’s life has changed. Even though it is expected as in a long-term illness or the result of an accident the absolute devastation one feels is indescribable. Where do I go next? what do I do, how do I tell friends? – I’m stuck.
Often in a state of shock the mind goes blank – that is where I step in to help you every step of the way. I am sensitive to your needs so can step back when others are with you or contact at a moment’s notice when you need me..
“Let me be the person to walk beside you
and guide you through this most difficult time

Maxine Green

I’m very easy to approach and can communicate and interact easily with people of all ages and beliefs. In order to help I believe one must have had incredible life experiences and “feel” the emotions that we all encounter in everyday life. Grief is an emotion I’m very familiar with.
I have an abundance of knowledge in helping others in many situations. Life experience and educational qualifications are all part of my quest to give my clients the best possible service.
  1. Corporate Secretary Retail Business Owner Past Elected Member
  2. Waitakere City Council
  3. IT Administration
  4. Justice of the Peace
  5. AUT Certificate of Celebrant Studies Graduate – NZ Institute of Business Studies
  6. Diploma of Short Stories Diploma of Journalism
I’m told by my tutors I’m creatively gifted and have the happy knack of finding the right words in the right situations to express the greatest of human emotions, grief and love.

“Maxine helped our family when we needed it most.”


My Services

Help with the initial Funeral process:

I am the person on call immediately when help is needed. I come at a moments notice and want to be the calming knowledgeable person who is right by your side to guide you through a very difficult time. All Funeral Directors provide an excellent professional service. I sit outside of their business as an unbiased independent freelancer. You can trust me to recommend the right Funeral Director that will suit your particular circumstances. I will contact them immediately, step back so that their team can do what is necessary to assist you.


Family Arrangements

Organising the family meeting and making sure everyone is represented. I can make all the arrangements for the family to get together. This may entail phone calls, liaison with other family members, pickups from the airport, accommodation – anything that takes the stress out of getting together. Once the meeting is arranged, I listen to everyone’s point of view and make sure everything is covered. I can then help with all the arrangements.


Design your service – and Eulogy

You may want to do just that. Only you know your heart desire and I can help you get it just right. This takes the pressure off family members and gives you the serenity that you are represented in the way you wish. I would then be honoured to be your Funeral Celebrant and represent you on the day.


A life story to be Treasured

As a journalist I know how to help you write your life story or I can write it for you. I would love to work with you and help you write your life story. The era that you have lived through cannot be lost to future generations. Memories need to be treasured and a well-documented story is important to those who follow. Click for more info


Administration Tasks

This can be a time-wasting onerous task as so much time is wasted waiting on the phone. Lawyers and Accountants meetings to be arranged. Advising banks, Insurers, Kiwisaver, Internet and phone providers can all be taken care of. Friends can help but private family business is best not shared so having a sworn independent professional is vital in keeping family matters undisclosed. Being a Justice of the Peace is very valuable in this situation.


Grief Counselling Services

Giving the best free advice of who to recommend.

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